Course Detail

foster golf links

Foster Golf Links was built in 1925 along the meandering Duwamish River.   

Designed on the historic homestead of Joseph Foster, the golf course was one of the first public fee courses on the west coast.  Mr. Foster, a government scout and packer, in 1853 homesteaded the land.  A maple tree, planted by him less than a decade after the Civil War, remains on the property and on its huge trunk is fastended a bronze memorial plaque inscribed with the appropriate historical data. 

George Eddy built the first 9 holes in 1925 and followed with the second 9 within the next two years.  Governor Louis F. Hart was the first on the tee for the opening of the facility.  His caddy was Joe Aliment, who would soon become the owner and operator of the facility for many years. 

The following shows the dedication to the facility by Mr. Aliment.  This excerpt was taken from a 1962 article...

"In 1933, Foster suffered a devastating blow.  It rained the entire month of December that year, and by Christmas Eve, the flooding Duwamish River had belched unbelievable quantities of debris on the course.  Fairways, tees, and greens along its path were strewn with logs, pitted with holes and saturated with water and muck,"  Joe says.  "The bridge that connected five holes of the course with the rest of civilization was threatened with destruction."  
Mrs. Aliment, small framed and fastidously groomed, makes "no bones" about her fright when she reminisced about the harrowing night Joe went to work on the bridge.
"I pleaded with Joe," she recalls, "that if the bridge is going to go, let it go.  But no, he neede to try to help prevent the bridge from being smashed."
"I kept track of his flashlight beam, but was terrified when it disappeared abruptly.  I screamed and shrieked, but no sound could be heard above the rage of the river.  I was drenched and scared.  There was nothing I could do, but go back to the house and wait.  I tried not to think he was dead."
Joe explained his fears, saying:  "I spent most of the night reaching out to hack branches and snags from logs as they swept by to keep them from collapsing the the bridge.  I grabbed sleep, when I could, on the roof of a shack on the far side of the river.  I knew my wife would be franctic, but the bridge held up all right.  However, by the time we felt that it was safe, the river was threatening our house.  (on the 17th hole)
The Duwamish devoured unknown acres of land that winter.  Shoveling silt, filling holes, replacing tees and replanting greens took weeks. 
Valley residents, for years plagued by ravaging rivers, received permanent benefits from the Hanson flood control dam, completed in 1961.

The Aliment family owned and operated Foster from 1952-1977.  In 1978, the Citizens of Tukwila purchased the course with General Obligation Bonds and Councilmatic Bonds.  Three different concessionaires operated the facility until 1990.  At that time, the City of Tukwila Parks and Recreation Department took over management of the facility with the exception of the restaurant.

Foster Golf Links is an enterprise fund.  Funding all course improvements from the revenues received from golfers.  Since 1990 the city has been able to fund millions of dollars to the course and clubhouse improvements.

The new course record was set by Joe Korn on his birthday, May 23rd, 2008.  Mr. Korn blistered the course, firing an astounding 57.  A front nine 28 (with a bogey on 8) was followed by an inward nine of 29.  His nines were as follows:

3-2-3-3-4-3-2-4-4 = 28
3-4-3-3-3-4-3-3-3 = 29